About The Chef

Orchid Gourmet was founded by Jesse Alexander whose passion for cooking started at a very early age. His first apprentice position was with his great grandmother, “Great Gran,” at the age of six.

After graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Jesse pursued his love of food and cooking at Ellie’s restaurant in Vero Beach, Florida. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming sous chef in two short seasons. As Ellie’s closed, Jesse continued to hone his skills as a private and consultant chef for a number of years until Orchid Gourmet was born in 2010. Having never worked for a caterer, Jesse’s clients get a fresh and more a la minute approach to on-site and in-home catering. “We don’t take any shortcuts, from our homemade stocks to our ever-growing organic inventory, all of our operations are done with the highest quality ingredients and our clients satisfaction in-mind.”

This Fall, Orchid Gourmet opens their ninth Winter season in Vero Beach. While continuing to offer exceptional catering services, Orchid Gourmet operates a private dining room with a chef’s table concept, delivering compelling and unreplicated tasting menus for private parties up to 20 people.

Orchid Gourmet continues to provide service to numerous high-profile clients nationwide and is solely relied upon by Vero’s elite culinary palates.